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Review 'It can be said of PLRE 3 and of the undertaking as a whole that they represent a monumental contribution to scholarship for which many will be grateful. The fact that PLRE has been a long time in the making should not be allowed to obscure its considerable impact on the study of late antuquity: it brings together and makes available in convenient form a remarkable array of information drawn from disparate fields in a way that enables scholars to ask certain questions that previously could be asked with only great difficulty or not at all. On its own intrinsic merits and lacking competitors, the work will stand as an indispensable tool, a starting point of inquiry, for scholars researching the period; it is also a must for any reference and scholarly collection on late antiquity, Byzantium, and the Middle Ages.' Speculum--A Journal of Medieval Studies'The newest PLRE looks like an old friend....a mighty achievement.' James J. O'Donnell, Bryn Mawr Classical Review Read more Book Description This is the concluding volume of the three-volume Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire. It provides a complete secular biographical dictionary of the period AD 527 (the beginning of the reign of Justinian) to 641 (the death of Heraclius). The information has been gathered from a wide variety of sources in Latin, Greek, Arabic, Syriac and other languages. Read more