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Review 'Lacan on Love is not only an invaluable aid for those embarking on the study of Lacan's seminar on transference, but also essential reading for anyone interested in the question of love and human passion. Drawing on a wide range of literary and cultural references, Bruce Fink guides the reader with clarity, precision and insight in this perceptive and thought-provoking book.'Darian Leader, psycholanalyst 'Love, it turns out, has a history. And Lacan on Love beautifully traces that history through the lens of Lacan?s seminar on transference, combining an adventurous cultural investigation of ?love in the western world? with actual field notes concerning the way we love now. Bruce Fink takes on our most tired and our most treasured clich?s about love and subjects them all to rigorous analysis, producing insights that are anything but expected.'Jessica Rosenfeld, Washington University in St. Louis Read more About the Author Bruce Fink is a practicing Lacanian psychoanalyst and analytic supervisor. He is a foremost commentator on Lacan and has translated a number of Lacan's works into English, including ?crits, Encore, On the Names-of-the-Father, The Triumph of Religion, and Transference. Read more