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LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get this kindle book now for just $4.99 (50% OFF!). Regularly priced at $9.98★★★FREE Gift Offer Iside of Your Book ★★★Book 1: Texting men: Texting secrets for girls - 7 simple tricks how to use texts to seduce a man you want.Texting attraction tricks that works in minutes.You really like a guy, but you have no clue how to make a first move? Use the power of texting to reach him, know him better and in the end seduce him!This is the most comprehensive texting guide you'll ever read. Not just a list of texts but a list with in-depth explanations on the concept of why you are using a text so you are 100 times more powerful when you use it. This book will help you to enrich your dating experience and your life in general, as well as your knowledge of the male mind.Just using described techniques and pre-written text examples you will easily make him desire you and chase you.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn from “Texting Men”• Learning the mind of a man. You can't talk to them if you don't know their language.• Texting the new guy. Who makes the first move and why.• When you're actually dating. What's appropriate and what isn’t, including Sexting. Sample texts given here with explanation.• 50 Exclusive texts he wants to receive!• How to Keep yourself out of the “just for sex” zone, and how to avoid texting yourself into the “friend” zone.• 30 Examples of How to Spice up an existing relationship with texting.• How to Text your Ex Back. Get into his mind again.• Much, much more!5 reasons to buy this book:• You will improve your knowlege of men's psyhology• You will learn what men want to hear from your thumbs, and what they definitely don't want to hear• You will feel more confident interacting with men• You will learn how to be a girlfriend any guy dream of• You will improve your social skills• Your dating life will become incomparably richer Book 2: How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You: 6 Simple Steps to Make Him Beg for Your AttentionThis is a far reaching and comprehensive book that surpasses any other dating book you will ever read. Not only will you know yourself better but you’ll know the inner workings of a man better than you ever thought you could and be handed the tools for ultimate success. This book will help you to become a much happier person, attractive to healthy men and dramatically improve your chances of getting any guy you want.What you will learn from this book is more than just 6 simple steps to getting the best chance at making a man fall in love with you. You will get to learn what you need to learn about yourself in order to make you a success. After reading this book you’ll be a changed person and we can guarantee that.What you will learn form "How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You":• You will improve your knowlege of men's psyhology • You will pass a test of 20 questions to know are you a healthy woman in body, mind and soul.• You will learn 10 qualities a woman must possess to naturaly attract men.• You will learn how to behave on a first date: what to do and what NOT to do.• And much much more...100% Money-Back Guarantee!If you read this guides and feel that it didn't help you (which we doubt), simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money. Imagine how your perfect man comes running to you, hugs you and whispers most wonderful words in every womens life - I Love You!Just scroll up now and click the "BUY NOW" button to start a new happier life with your loving man, today!Tags: texting attraction, texting dating, texting men, texting for girls, texting for women, Texting, flirting text, texting secrets, texting tricks, attracting men, how to text a guy, how to text your ex back, how to text men, sexting tips, texting guys, how to make a man fall in love with you