Book Description

Here is a link to a you tube video where Dr. Loeb talks to his patient Corey who became pregnant with Dr. Loeb's infertility acupuncture treatment and self acupressure treatment at home. Her son is in the video with her. She was unable to conceive and came to Dr. Loeb for Acupuncture treatments for infertility. name is Dr. F. Franklin Loeb, D.C. I have been in private practice for 35 years. I specialized in acupuncture and worked in the first acupuncture clinic in the United States in 1978. I went to China in 1988, and studied with the number one acupuncturist in all of China Dr. Zheu Men Hua. He taught me ancient acupuncture treatments that are not found in any books on acupuncture. Five Generations back in his family his grandfather was the acupuncturist to the Emperor of China.I have retired from active practice and have decided to teach you how to treat yourself with acupuncture/acupressure. This book describes the self treatment possibilities of acupressure infertility. This treatment was taught to me by Zheu Men Hau, Mainland China in 1988. Dr. Zheu Men Hau at that time was the number one Acupuncturist in all of China, 5 generations back his grandfather was the acupuncturist to the Emperor of China, I have practiced the treatment in this book for 25 years with great results.The majority of patients taking these treatments are able to conceive and have a child.The Chinese require both partners to be treated for optimum results. There are Chinese Herbs for the female they come with the purchase of the Electric Thearpeutic Massager at the link provided in the end of the book. The male has instructions for vitamins he needs to purchase to make the sperm swim faster.These treatments work when other medical treatments have failed.You don't need to adopt!!Dr. Loebhese acupressure books for female and male infertility will show you where and how to treat yourself for infertility. This will save you thousands of dollars in cost for similar like treatments at an acupuncture clinic.This treatment can also be used as a home treatment, along with other infertility treatments. Most patients find, this treatment works better than the other treatments, IVF, ie: surrogate carriers, Acupuncture infertility treatments are now being used by some of the biggest infertility centers in the country as an adjunct to IVF, including NYU Hospital Infertility Center. They even published a study on how well it works along with IVF, and have their own infertility acupuncture clinic. Link to the study:Many Top Celebrities have given Acupuncture Infertility treatments credit for conceiving and delivering their bundles of joy late in their careers over the age of 40. This information is in the book. I have had thousands of patients come to me that were told they were unable to have children and needed to adopt or had spent over 100k on treatments that didn't work. I have helped thousands of patients have children when the medical profession had given up on them and told them they would never have children/