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# Does your family live in conflict?# Does your child have a psychiatric label (such as ADHD, oppositional defiance, conduct disorder, bi-polar disorder) or the behavior that would get him/her one?# Have you lost (or nearly lost) control of your child?If you answered YES to any of these three things, then PACT can help you as it has helped thousands of other families restore love and integrity to their relationships!What Others Say About Got An Angry Kid? and The PACT Training Program"The family is much calmer. Taking PACT Training was the best decision I ever made. It's the best hard work I've ever done. PACT was the light at the end of the tunnel for us."--Ms. K. D., Willimantic, CT, Mom and Dad of an adolescent girl placed in foster care"From my professional experience as a manager in the field, PACT is one of the very few services which has been held in high regard by our professional staff as well as the families which benefitted from Dr. Gibson's excellent program."--Ms. Helen Lawrence (retired) Connecticut State Department of Children and Families (CTSDCF)"I have had to fight for every service for my family. PACT is my best chance to [create] change. Thanks for everything."--Ms. K.M., Vernon, CT, single Mom of an out-of-control son"Although I was only a few weeks into PACT, I felt myself becoming calmer, more hopeful, and more in control. PACT is putting life into my parenting and does what three years of residential placement didn't."--Mrs D.W., Hamden, CT, single Mom of a seriously emotionally disturbed boy"Again, I can't say enough about how this program has changed my life."--Mr. L.C., New Milford, CT, single parent of a foster child"PACT and Got An Angry Kid? is brilliant."--Parenting consultantAbout the AuthorDr. Gibson earned his PhD in Education at the University of Connecticut in 1987 under the tutelage of Richard Bloomer. He poured everything about his childhood and his experience as a parent went into what became Parenting Angry Children and Teens (PACT) Training and the book, "Got An Angry Kid?" In 1993, the Connecticut State Department of Children and Families adopted the PACT methodology and since then 500 families have completed the year-long program with remarkable results.Family & Relationships: Parenting - Child Rearing