Book Description

About the Author Janet Maccaro, Ph.D., endured a twenty-year period of suffering one illness after another and too many 'sick days.' Her main, on-going illness was chronic fatigue syndrome and a severe hormonal imbalance. It never seemed to let up. Janet tried everything possible to heal herself in the way of conventional treatment and medicine, but nothing worked! Not only was she fighting illness, but she was fighting despair as well. Janet sought wisdom and education about her problems, which brought her to the American College of Nutrition. It was there Janet earned her Ph.D., followed by another doctorate from the Clayton School of Natural Healing. For the past fifteen years, Janet Maccaro has worked with whole food and herbal nutrition, becoming one of the country's leading experts in wild yam and natural progesterone supplementation, bringing natural health to many. A respected lecturer, author and broadcast personality, Dr.Maccaro lives with her family in Central Florida. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition. Read more