Book Description

The problem: As the rates of infertility in the US is continuously on the rise, have you ever stopped to ask why? Cancer and Autism are plaguing the homes of Americans, with millions of dollars poured into research we still seem to a lifetime away from an affordable treatment let alone a cure. Growing danger: When research stated that BPA was harmful, the public ignored it. Now years after the first use of BPA, the public is now beginning to see the effects on their health and the environment. Protest attempted to band the harmful chemicals in food and damaging GMOs. The media ignored hundreds of studies and firsthand accounts of health, and environmental damage. Exposing the truth: Disguised in Deception is a comprehensive guide for health-conscious consumers. Find out why chronic diseases like food allergies, obesity, autism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and cancer are becoming more common in the US. Why I am compelled to do the research and bring it to you; my mission is to help and inspire people to learn what the chemical corporations and food manufacturers are hiding from you.