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Review A New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association (NAIBA) Bestseller, 7/17/13A New York Times Bestseller, 8/4/13A Denver Post Bestseller, 7/21/13A Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Bestseller, 7/17/13A Heartland Independent Bestseller List Bestseller, 7/17/13A New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association Bestseller, 7/17/13USA Today Bestseller, 7/25/13, 7/27/13 ?Wander into the health section of a bookstore, and you can find ?how to' books on topics ranging from how to lose weight to how to feel happier to how to reduce your stress level. Wouldn't it be nice to find one book that helps you to achieve all those goals? We found it with a guide crafted by noted physician Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen.? Read more About the Author Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, author of?Dr. A's Habits of Health?and its companion guide?Living a Longer, Healthier Life, is the nation's tenth board-certified physician in critical care. He helped pioneer the emerging subspecialty of intensive care medicine. Now Cofounder and chief architect of Take Shape for Life(TM), he also serves are medical director of Medifast(R). ? Read more