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Review Ira Glovinsky, PhD Psychologist, Interdisciplinary Center for the Family; Co-author of Bipolar Patterns in Children (2002) and Mood Swings in Babies and Children (2007) ?Nancy Wiseman has provided us with a classic and a treasure. Her book belongs in the hands of every parent who is going through the journey of parenting a child with an autism spectrum disorder and every professional who works with families with children on the autism spectrum. She does a remarkable job of presenting the sequence of steps that evolves into a comprehensive treatment plan. No one whom I have read has provided such a comprehensive guide. This is a major contribution to the field and will be invaluable to all families and professionals.? Read more About the Author Nancy D. Wiseman is the founder and president of First Signs, Inc. Her 12-year-old daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with autism at age two. They live in Merrimac, Massachusetts. Read more