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From the Back Cover All autistic children have ways of dropping into their own world, leaving us behind for a minute, an hour, a day. This is the essence of autism: a disorder that is, at its heart, about interaction. Many of the symptoms associated with autism come from either a lack of paying attention to other people or a lack of interest in joining in with the rest of the world. Because this is the case, it is important that when you work with your child, you are addressing the core issue of autism: your child, for one reason or another, is not spending enough time in our interactive world.What You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Child with Autism gives you the best tangible things that you can do-right now-to work with your child and draw him or her back into our interactive world. You do have the ability to help your child interact more deeply and consistently. Read more About the Author Jonathan Levy has worked one-on-one with over 800 children with diagnosis ranging from severely autistic to Asperger's syndrome and trained parents individually and in seminars since 1994. He has a master's degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School at Harvard University and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Read more See all Editorial Reviews