Book Description

From the Publisher A review... 'Parents and teachers of teenagers frequently lament the lack of a guide for answering myriad questions posed by teenagers' typical challenges of struggle for control and confusion with emerging identity. Add to these challenges difficulty focusing attention, resisting impulses, or remaining still, and you will understand the necessity of a manual for how to live and work with teens with ADD. This comprehensive book offers all the basic information necessary to understand the condition, get help, and provide appropriate guidance for adolescents with ADD. Chapters include definitions, diagnosis, medical treatment, and legal rights. Discussions regarding family dynamics, advocacy roles, and options for postschool life are insightful. With sensitivity and understanding, the author approaches several essential topics: self-esteem, troubled interpersonal relationships, academic failure, disorganization, substance abuse, and driving problems. Teenagers with ADD has something for everyone associated with this population. It is alive with quotes and photographs. The final chapter, Words of Wisdom from the Kids, would be excellent reading for teenagers in helping them express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Figures and tables summarize major points and could be used by parents and speakers for presentations to a wide variety of audiences. Sample forms could be duplicated or adapted to meet a range of home and school needs.' --Intervention in School and Clinic, September 1996 Read more