Book Description

Ectopic Pregnancy by Claudia Gordon A guide to ectopic pregnancy symptoms, causes, treatment and recovery Includes how to get the support you need, recover effectively and prepare for future pregnancy Have you or someone you know experienced, or currently going through, an ectopic pregnancy? Do you feel unsure about your diagnosis and worried about what’s going to happen next? Are you ensure which treatment is right for you, or how best to recover from your treatment? If you’ve had Methotrexate are you concerned about the impact on your body and fertility and about how you can clear the toxins from your body following treatment? Do you feel a huge sense of loss made worse by not having all the answers to your questions? Are you clear about when you can start trying to get pregnant again? Do you feel fear and uncertainty about your future chances of successful pregnancy? If you’ve suffered from then you’ll understand just how devastating it can be. Too often a diagnosis isn’t accompanied by sufficient information to make you feel re-assured or even in possession of all the facts. You can be left with lots of questions including why an ectopic pregnancy happened to you and what you should do next. If you want to get pregnant again you may be bombarded by conflicting information and feel a sense of helplessness about what you can do to fully recover and help your body prepare for a future pregnancy. Ectopic Pregnancy by Claudia Gordon will help you: Understand more about ectopic pregnancies, where and why they happen and what symptoms and signs of an ectopic pregnancy are Know what to look out for if you suspect an ectopic pregnancy or have been put under expectant management Understand all the treatments and side effects Give you some practical advice to help your recovery – both physical and emotional Take back control of your life and emotions. Issues addressed include: What questions to ask your doctor to ensure you have all the information you need How to deal with your sadness and grief How to communicate with your partner, friends and family and get the support you need hCG levels and why they are important Special section for women who want to get pregnant again following an ectopic pregnancy: When to start trying again How you can significantly improve your fertility and increase your chance of a successful pregnancy in the future How your partner can get involved and boost his fertility The author suffered from an ectopic pregnancy and struggled with infertility for five years. During this time she met with many leading fertility specialists on both sides of the Atlantic and she shares some of the fertility enhancing information she learnt. Ectopic Pregnancy aims to de-mystify in easy to understand language this heartbreaking diagnosis explaining how you can take positive steps to regain your health and emotional well being.