Book Description

About the Author I have been expelled from St Peter Claver, St Catherine of Siena, and The Union Springs Academy, a Seventh Day Adventist boarding school, after refusing to submit to a weekly shower game that five lusty upper-classmen came up with. I survived the disco era in New York City, in imagined opulent splendor at Studio 54, Better Days, The Nickel Bar, 220 Club, The Saint, The Mineshaft, and The Paradise Garage. I survived mescaline, blotter acid, cocaine, freebase cocaine, crack, danger sex in subway bathrooms, hunger, homelessness, and three serious suicide attempts. In 1999, I lost the use of my arms and legs to a mysterious, and still undiagnosed form of myositis. Thanks to 12 steps, and the love of K.D. Haynes, I got up (so to speak) off of my clinically depressed ass, and in the year 2000, I began to forage through a lifetime of stories circling my soul. This collection represents the first set of them. Read more