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Review Kay brings to life personal and political aspects of loving her son and working for GLBT civil rights. -- PFLAGpole, Washington,D.C. Fall, 2001Miller educates the public about sexual diversity and the issues that affect all of us, including self-acceptance, shame, and family --We The People, Santa Rosa, CA April, 2002. Read more About the Author Kay Mehl Miller taught school for 15 years in Hawaii. In 1984 she earned a master of education degree in counseling and guidance and opened a private practice. She primarily worked with people who abused substances and women who were abused. With a fellow therapist, Kay designed and taught a course in women's anger. In 1992 she received a doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University in San Francisco under her given name of Kathryn. . A member of PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays), Kay is passionate and active in support of those seeking civil and human rights. Read more