Book Description

SURVIVAL HOUSE 1977 758 HAIGHT STREET, SAN FRANCISCO is a new book which documents with color and black and white photographs and interviews a halfway house for homeless gay and transgendered people in San Francisco circa 1977.The book provides a rare and historic look at San Francisco's homeless LGBT culture at the height of the gay influx to the city in the late 1970s.Survival House was home to a very diverse mix of people in ethnicity, age and background. War Veterans, transexuals, hustlers, runaways and others all lived together in close quarters in this Victorian house. Social services such as job and housing placement, medical assistance and drug counseling were provided to the residents to help them re-enter the community.The stories told here and the social issues evoked are as relevant today as they were in 1977. Homelessness in the LGBT community is still a pressing issue. Survival House was one solution to the problem and offers insights on the issue today. Read more