Book Description

We Are the Youth is based on the online photojournalism project that shares the stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth in the United States. Through portraits by photographer Laurel Golio, and 'as told to' personal essays by writer Diana Scholl, this book captures the incredible strength and diversity of LGBTQ youth. To view the online project, please visit Author Bios: Diana Scholl is a communications strategist at the ACLU and an award-winning writer recognized by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalism Association. Laurel Golio is a photographer and visual anthropoligist. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Editorial Reviews: 'This is such an amazingly beautiful and timely book. Kudos to the brave young people on the page and brave young people everywhere -- their survival tells its own story of the work we all must do towards creating a world that is safe enough for ALL people to walk through.' -Jacqueline Woodson 'We Are the Youth does not hold back. Although it slants the truth toward hope, it does not pretend that progress means the same thing to all LGBTQ youth. It doesn't politicize experiences that are meant to be personal, and it doesn't operate in stereotypes. Indeed, these are the youth, at times arrogant, at times lost, yet ready to surprise us at every turn.' -Baltimore Gay Life 'This book is magnificent: hard to read at times because of the pain so honestly shared, and completely uplifting when you realize the strength and beauty of this next generation. I can't wait for the voices in this book to run the world. We'll be in great hands.' -Baratunde Thurston 'We Are The Youth shows the beauty and diversity of queer youth and serves as a documentation of the vast spectrum of queer identity.' -The Huffington Post Read more