Book Description

Review A wonderful, original, and truly inspiring book of images and text. It feeds our souls and nourishes our hearts. It's a blessing to have such rich creativity and abundant Gay Spirit in our lives. This is one book our community needs right now. from Authors Mark Thompson and Malcolm Boyd --Personal correspondence of the artist.During a visit to Albuquerque, my partner Gary and I walked through Peter's studio and were stunned by the beauty of the male images he had created. Now these sensual and deeply moving photos, with equally inspiring captions, are available to all of us in Contemplations of the Heart. Turn the pages slowly. Look carefully at each naked body. Read and re-read the words of wisdom. Let your mind wander and hear Spirit speak. Do not be surprised if your own wounded heart is healed, and your own tired spirit is revived and renewed in the process. Mel White, Soul Forc --Personal correspondence of the artist. Read more About the Author Gay artist Peter Grahame is self-taught, and began his art making in 1982 by creating masks for the theater and as wall sculptures. He also created mixed media works using his own photography with found objects, and he experimented with fabric art. Later, he found he really enjoyed making these transformational photographs with his naked friends, and this led to his more recent digital imaging. He says that whatever he creates, it is about spiritual discovery and, most especially, about Gay spirituality. He makes photos of nature and the technological world, as well. His work has been presented in numerous theatrical productions, and in many gallery exhibits in the Chicago area and in New Mexico. Peter has worked as an actor, director, advertising writer, designer and art teacher. He lives with his life partner of 23 years, Henry Seale, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They own and operate Ironic Horse Studio in their home. Henry plays and teaches the Renaissance recorder, so their gallery studio home is always filled with music, art... peace. Read more