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Review 'A lively introduction, refreshing in its accessibility and its philosophical engagement. Whether writing on pornography or on the wearing of veils, Saul's jargon-free discussion sets the standards for rigour and clarity. It shows the point of thinking philosophically about concrete political issues, and, better still, shows readers how to do it.' Rae Langton, University of Edinburgh 'Saul's accessible and engaging introduction to philosophical issues in feminism will challenge students of all political persuasions. Modelling good philosophical method all the way, Saul draws her readers into some of the most important and interesting controversies of contemporary gender studies. A highly useful text.' Louise M. Antony, The Ohio State University Read more About the Author Jennifer Mather Saul is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. She teaches feminist philosophy, philosophy of language, and critical thinking. She has published extensively in philosophy of language and spoken on feminist philosophy in several countries. Read more