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Review 'Not only does it group together essays representative of Young's on-going thinking about female embodiment and her engagement with phenomenological and feminist philosophers over the span of her career- thus of interest to scholars- this collection also provides a thematically cohesive work that can be read as an introduction to questions of lived bodily experience from a feminist perspective, hence representing a valuable resource for teaching.' --Notre Dame Philosophical ReviewsYoung's description of female body experience is certainly educational, but she also has a polemical and political purpose in mind. She seeks to reinterpret certain experiences as positive in order to counteract the devaluation of the female and the feminine she sees in present and past social practices. --Jenna Silber Storey, University of Chicago Read more About the Author Iris Marion Young is Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, where she is affiliated with the Center for Gender Studies. Her works in feminist theory, theory of justice, and democratic theory have been published in major journals in the U.S. and translated into seven languages. Her previous books include Justice and the Politics of Difference (Princeton 1990), Intersecting Voices: Dilemmas of Gender, Political Philosophy and Policy (Princeton, 1997), and Inclusion and Democracy (Oxford, 2000). Read more