Book Description

From the Author I am so excited to present FULL CIRCLE to the world. As it's said that all good things come to an end, this is a bittersweet moment for me. I am happy to see the characters come full circle, but a piece of me wants to carry on the stories of Denise, Lena, Cooley, and Carmen for years to come.? Hopefully I will be able to share these wonderful characters with millions in the near future by bringing them to life on screen. So I hope you all enjoy Full Circle and make sure you let me know what you think after you finish by emails or posting reviews. Read more About the Author Skyy is a 30-year-old writer from Memphis, TN.?Her first novel, Choices, was released in 2007, and quickly gained popularity both within the gay and lesbian community and the urban fiction community.?The highly anticipated sequel, Consequences, was released in 2009 with high praise, and rocketed to the top-10 best-seller lists on as well as at independent bookstores across the country. Touted as the next E. Lynn Harris, Skyy blurs the lines between lesbian and straight communities in her fiction by speaking with intimate familiarity about the striking commonalities of loving and living as African American women in urban America. The books resonate with truisms among women of all ages and gender identities. Right now Skyy is working hard to bring her books to the screen. In Skyy's spare time. she enjoys traveling, going to conventions and spending time at home. Read more