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Review Wheat Kings is a eulogy for a dying way of life...McDonnell has done a wonderful job of preserving a vanishing era. ... The small sections of prose in this volume are beautifully written, and I wish there were more of them. (MTH Railroaders Club magazine) Read more About the Author Greg McDonnell's writing and photography have been praised by rail enthusiasts across North America. Each new book by Greg McDonnell is a major event in the large railfan community, and Boston Mills Press is proud to be his publisher. Greg is a featured columnist for Trains magazine. His acclaimed large-format pictorials include Canadian Pacific, Signatures in Steel, Heartland, U-Boats: General Electric's Diesel Locomotives, and Passing Trains. He is currently at work on a new book and overseeing a Masters of Railway Photography book series for Boston Mills Press. He lives with his wife and three sons on the edge of a ravine overlooking the Canadian Pacific Railway's Orr's Lake Hill. Read more See all Editorial Reviews