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Review 'This impressive new book draws on a wealth of recent experience by bringing together fourteen specialists in different aspects of airship design and operation - from both universities and industry ... this is an impressive tour de force, with impeccable credentials, and is set to become the definitive reference work for airship designers and engineers, professional and student aeronautical engineers, and airship enthusiasts.' Aerostat' ... Airship Technology is a 'must' for anyone with a serious interest in airships. Highly recommended.' Aerostat Read more Book Description A comprehensive and fully illustrated book providing a unique and indispensable guide to modern airship design and operation. It covers aerostatics, aerodynamics, stability, control, propulsion, materials, structures, weight estimates, ground handling, mooring, systems, performance and piloting. Final chapters examine improving airship performance, unconventional designs, and economic considerations vital for commercial success. Read more