Book Description

This book is a comprehensive guide to the reconstruction of road vehicle accidents. Its objective is to provide the guidance to solving complex road accident problems using mathematical modeling and to evaluate methods for computing numerical results from given data. Each chapter in this book consists of a concise but thorough fundamental statement of the problems, methods and solutions, and the author keeps the balance between theory and practical application It consists of eight chapters, Uncertainty in numerical computations and measurements, Basic vehicle motion analysis, Tire forces, Collision analysis, Vehicle rollover analysis, Vehicle dynamics, Braking, Vehicle-pedestrian collisions, and also includes accident reconstruction examples and case studies. The book will be of value to a very wide number of professional fields, as well as to academics and students : in mathematics, science, engineering, law, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, police departments and academies, and insurance companies, and of course professionals involved in accident reconstruction. DistributionAnshan Publishers is a publisher of fine medical, scientific, and technical books. We find the best titles from our worldwide publishing partners and bring them to the global marketplace. We publish in a wide range of fields, including:- Biological Sciences Biotechnology Chemistry Engineering Material Science Microbiology Pure and Applied Physics Pure and Applied Mathematics Statistics