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Review Work on this second edition has been under way since publication of the Drinking Water Dictionary, compiled and edited by J.M. Symons, L.C. Bradley Jr., and T.C. Cleveland (2000). McTigue brings to the task expertise in water treatment and management gained from a career in research, consulting, and writing. This edition broadens the focus behond drinking water, eliminates the illustrations, and adds appendixes on regulated contaminants and disinfection-by-products. What the editors admit is a glossary rather than a dictionary includes more than 150,000 terms, with 3,000 new eo this edition. It is an admirable body of work, subected to rigorous evaluation by a distinguished technical advisory committee, backed by the reliability of the AWWA brand. It will be useful for academic libraries building comprehensive reference collections in environmental engineering, or as a technical reference in environmental law. Although broa in scope, it may be too technical for, and is not intended for, small or medium-size undergraduate print reference collectiions. Justifying the investment in a print resource when space and budgets are tight may be difficult, and this dictionary might have a greater value to undergraduates as an electronic product, accustomed as students are to finding reference information online. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through professionals/practitioners. --T.L. Bremholm, Tulane University Publishers Note - the book is also available on CD-ROM - ISBN 978-1-58321-758-0. --CHOICE, June, 2010 Read more