Book Description

Review ... a catalog and exploration of some 200 global eco-techno hybrids, an emerging field that has the attention of designers and scientists alike. -- Fast Company, Nov. 2006A must-have for designers of all walks. Transmaterial's attention to the increasingly blurred lines between art and material. -- res magazine, march/april 2006Colorful and stimulating, and you don't have to be an architect to appreciate it. . . there is endless inspiration here. -- New Scientist (UK), Februaury 2006Truly innovative . . . will be of interest to all involved in the design arts who seek a greater understanding of emerging materials and to all who are committed to expanding the traditional classifications of materials within the building industry. -- Journal of Architectural Education, Nov. 2006'From fully recyclable architectural resin panels to self-cleaning glass, Blaine Brownell has pretty much seen it all when it comes to sustainable building materials. ' --Building Design and Construction'(Transmaterial) identifies products that make a difference - aesthetically, environmentally, socially, and, yes, structurally.' -- Architect'From concrete that absorbs carbon dioxide to scratch-and-sniff wallpaper, the innovations compiled in this book are transformative, multi-functional and ultra-performing. . . . The pages that fill Transmaterial cover 10 categories in the conversational yet informative tone of a material fanatic.' -- Azure Read more About the Author Blaine Erickson Brownell is an architect and an associate with NBBJ, with eight years of experience working in Tokyo, Houston, Nagoya, and now Seattle. Read more