Book Description

Review ''Dubber challenges us to reinvent how we think about the media in an age of rapid change. Both broad and detailed with insightful use of relevant examples, Radio in the Digital Age is comprehensive, compelling and accessible with big ideas that confront accepted - and often outmoded - ways of thinking about radio, the media and human communication in general.'' Matt Mollgaard, Auckland University of Technology ''This engaging book combines the author?s insider knowledge of, and passion for radio, with a nuanced critique of ?the digital age?. It is all about radio, but recognises that radio is not all there is - which makes it a contribution that should resonate in studies of digital media more broadly.'' Kate Lacey, Sussex University ''Dubber?s book is a timely and provocative intervention in the burgeoning field of radio studies. ?Something is happening to radio?, Dubber claims, and goes on to describe this moving target as vividly and astutely as anyone could hope for. Combining a deep love of radio with sharp appreciation of how it is being shaped by the shifting world of culture, music, industry and twenty-first century life, Radio in the Digital Age is a wide-ranging, up-to-date, and highly readable exploration of this wonderfully protean medium.'' David Hendy, Sussex University Read more About the Author Andrew Dubber is Professor of Music Industry Innovation at Birmingham City University. Read more