Book Description

Review 'An expansive and detailed account of limnology from a tropical viewpoint. Although it draws extensively upon the international literature, and is richly illustrated with examples, it gives special emphasis to tropical conditions. Here both Amazonia and the authors? distinguished record and enterprises are prominent. It is primarily not a descriptive text, but a generalised classification of examples and a dynamic and functional approach. Issues of applied limnology ? especially with reservoirs ? are treated extensively, as well as past trends and future prospects in the science. These features, with the combination of length and exceptionally rich illustration, mark a unique contribution to the environmental literature, and especially apt for developing countries.' Dr. Jack Talling, Freshwater Biological Association, Cumbria, UK 'This profusely illustrated volume will serve as an indispensable text book for the students of limnology not only in South and Central America but throughout the tropical world. Further, it is an invaluable reference work for researchers and professionals interested in inland waters, lakes and rivers irrespective of their disciplinary specialisation in biology, ecology, environment, geochemistry, geophysics, and water management. I heartily congratulate Prof. Tundisi and his coauthor wife, Prof. Matsumura-Tundisi for their painstaking efforts and valuable contribution to the cause of tropical limnology.'?International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences 38 (4): 209-210, 2012 Read more About the Author Dr. Jose Galizia Tundisi obtained his PhD (Estuaries Ecology, 1969) at the University of S?o Paulo/University of Southampton and his DSc (Ecology, 1977) at the University of S?o Paulo. He is President of the International Institute of Ecology in S?o Carlos, Brazil. He was previously a Full Professor of Biological Sciences, Federal University of S?o Carlos, 1972-84; Full Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of S?o Paulo, 1984-94; and President, Brazilian of the National Research Council, 1995-99. His awards include the Gold Medal ?Augusto Ruschi?,?Brazilian Academy of Sciences, 1986; the Moinho Santista Prize in Ecology, 1992; the Highest Brazilian Award for scientific achievement; the Boutros Ghali Prize for Environment and Development, UN, 1995; and the Commendador, Brazilian Government. He is a Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the S?o Paulo Academy of Sciences, and the Ecology Institute, ?Excellence in Biology?, in Germany. Dr. Tundisi is the founder and director of the International Institute of Ecology in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Takako Matsumura Tundisi graduated in Natural History and received her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Zoology) from the University of S?o Paulo, Brazil. She was a lecturer and researcher in Aquatic Ecology at the Federal University of S?o Carlos for over two decades. Today, she is a director of the International Institute of Ecology (IIE) and of the International Association of Ecology and Environmental Management (IIEGA) in Brazil, both research and consulting organizations that have developed numerous research projects in water resources management and water quality through mathematical modeling. Read more