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Review If anyone close to you is contemplating going to college in the next few years, this book is a must have. US News and World Report has been providing college & university rankings for over 30 years; published in a magazine format, it includes a wonderful guide on how to study the schools. One of my favorite sections was called; Take A Road Trip; which highlights schools in Missouri, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. The real purpose of the book, however, is their rankings of the schools. Four pages are devoted to explaining the methodology to the rankings. Schools can fall within 7 categories: Best National Universities, Best National Liberal Arts Colleges, Best Regional Universities, Best Regional Colleges, Best Historically Black Colleges, Best Business Programs and Best Engineering Programs. There's also a great bonus section on online programs (which are ranked, of course!) It's rounded out by 6 articles on how to get accepted in the college of your choice and another 6 articles on financing -- and that was just the first half of the book. The second half has a directory of colleges & universities with info and data on tuition, admissions, undergraduate populations, popular majors, financial aids, and (most helpful) freshman profiles that include exam scores and high school class ranks. I was fortunate to have received this free through Goodreads First Reads but the relatively low price (9.95 from the publisher, also available electronically)is a small price to pay for the guidance. --Marti, Goodreads.comMany college admissions professionals . . . appreciate the up-to-date information it [Best Colleges 2015] provides re median 25th-75th percentile scores for all the colleges in the US, as well as current information on application deadlines, ethnic make-up of the colleges, most popular majors, and expenses for tuition, room and board. --adMISSION POSSIBLE. . . gathers up all the pertinent information about a college and some of the best advice possible, all in one organized place. Sure, you could find that information on your own by clicking around a school s website and then by using various other sites, but who doesn t prefer convenience? Time is of the essence during application season, as deadlines are quickly arriving. --USA Today Read more From the Author Best Colleges 2016 -- with more up-to-date rankings, chapters, and other information -- is now available on Amazon in softback and hardcover editions. Search for '978-1931469685' (That's the ISBN number.) in the Amazon search bar at the top of the page.) Read more See all Editorial Reviews