Book Description

From the Author I believe in education. I also believe getting a quality education takes hard work and sacrifice - but not sacrifice at all costs. Helping people successfully navigate higher education has been a mission for me for nearly twenty years.During the decade when my kids were attending college, I became a 'go-to' person for their friends and friends' parents. Soon I was getting calls from cousins and neighbors and co-workers. Parents appreciated the chance to talk to someone unaffiliated with any college. Seniors appreciated a parent perspective from someone who wasn't their parent. When I returned to law school in 2002 more and more adult learners were asking my advice. My first book was written for them, 'Back to School for Grownups'.? 'How to Save $50,000 on College' was created to share what I've learned with traditional-age students (16-24) and their families.?As I sat down to write each section of this book I asked myself, 'What have I heard or seen or done to keep costs down in this area without sacrificing the quality of the experience?' Some stories came from my kids. Others from my students. A few from my own college experiences. My thought was to offer a variety of the best ideas I've witnessed, and hopefully include a few ideas, or thought-starters, for every reader. Think of me as that knowledgeable adult who has no agenda other than to see you succeed:) Read more About the Author Laura H. Gilbert, Ph.D. is a higher education blogger, speaker, professor and consultant. She is the parent of four college-educated young adults and holds degrees in music, industrial relations, educational psychology and law. Her first book, 'Back to School for Grownups: How to Not Get Run Over by the School Bus' was published in 2009. Laura lives with her family in Minnesota. Read more