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Review 'For the multitude of students and their families who are sweating out who'll pay for college, the new edition of College Costs & Financial Aid Handbook has a wealth of information.'-Chattanooga Times, Steve Bartlett, the McCallie School Read more About the Author The College Board has played a significant role in American education since 1900. Its members include virtually all colleges in the country and a growing number of high schools. Their faculties and administrators serve as advisers and supporters of College Board activities, giving the organization a level of authoritativeness that no other publisher can match. The College Board is the leader in the field of college information and test preparation publications. The College Board Scholarship Handbook 2001 extends the range of the Board's college-planning directories and continues its widely recognized tradition of accuracy and comprehensiveness. As the sponsor of the SATs, the Board also publishes the most authoritative and respected book on preparing for the SAT--10 Real SATs. Read more