Book Description

Sometimes, the bride’s support system needs a little support of her own—and who better to turn to than the wedding experts at Town & Country?This indispensable guide will help any bridesmaid fulfill her duties with elegance, grace, and aplomb. It explains, in a clear and practical way, what her position entails, the proper etiquette for carrying out her tasks, and even crisis management. The Bridesmaid’s Companion covers contemporary concerns, such as the appropriate (and inappropriate) use of email, bachelorette and shower ideas, and financial tips for getting through a sometimes-costly process.And, because the book is organized chronologically, with time lines, checklists, and strategies, nothing will get lost or forgotten in the excitement. Highlighting the practical and informative text are anecdotes from former bridesmaids about their most memorable attendant moments…and reflections from real brides on how their bridesmaids helped make the big day so special.