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Review A comprehensive guide?with recipes that are a treat to the tongue, but won't break the bank.? With no shortage of?instructions & tips; 'Frugally Fabulous' is a choice pick for any wedding planner on a budget. --Midwest Book ReviewThis book was so helpful and took a lot of stress out of planning our wedding reception. I had self-catered my older daughter's reception several years ago and was a complete wreck by the time the reception took place. The FAQs answered so many questions when we started the planning process My daughter and I were both as calm as could be expected because we followed the suggestions and time line. The Recipe File provided several ideas for our menu and the food was delicious! The Recipe Worksheets really helped for planning how much food to purchase and the Preparation Schedule relieved a lot of pressure by helping us plan what needed to be done and when. We were also able to include other elements of the wedding plans into the Preparation Schedule The breakdown for amounts of foods to serve per person was a lifesaver. The organizational tips were an incredible help. The Shopping list, Directions for Preparing Large Amounts of Food and the Serving Pieces Table tied up a lot of loose ends. The detailed list for the Back Up Box with all the necessary miscellaneous items needed at the rental site was wonderful and included things I would not have thought of. The set-up to clean-up list and the buffet layout diagram really made a difference. All the details were covered when we started setting up. We would have not been nearly as organized as we were without your book My daughter and I don't always see eye to eye and the book was a definite lifesaver for us!! It saved us from a lot of conflict and disagreements. Again, thank you so much for all the information you provided in the book.. It was a great day!!! -- Barbara Davis August 2010 Read more