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About the Author ? Authored a book, EXCELLENCE IN WEDDING PLANNING, An Embellished Guide for Businesses. Plans, the Preliminaries, the Ceremony and the Celebrations, published 2006. ? President of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide 1995-2005? Monthly contributing editor GIFTS and DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES Magazine 1977-1998 ? Author of Weddings Beautiful Home Study Course 1985, revising it in 1995 and 2004. The course was translated into the Japanese language in 2001 ? Bridal Business Editor MODERN JEWELER Magazine 1977-1983 ? Director of Educational Services for National Bridal Service 1974-2005 ? Co-author and administrator of the Registered Bridal Consultant Standard of Excellence Home Study Course, National Bridal Service ? Wrote script and co-starred in video training tape,' What Every Bridal Consultant Should Know about Invitations and Weddings ? Wrote YOUR WEDDING and How to Enjoy IT- over 150,000 copies distributed ? Co-Authored THE GROOM'S CORNER, a guide for grooms ? Wrote BRIDAL LINES/WEDDING NOTES, a syndicated newspaper column, distributed in 100 locations , 1979-2005 ? Editorial writer and co- editor for a cookbook, RECIPES FOR MAKING YOUR HONEYMOON LAST ? Numerous articles published in SOUTHERN JEWELRY Magazine, VOWS Magazine and RICHMOND SURROUNDINGS Magazine ? Has lead Read more