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Review 'Funny and concise. Don't read if you don't have a sense of humor and if you're not looking to save your marriage. The author is obviously well versed in common issues facing married couples that tend to eat away at their sense of connection. Excellent, practical, and humorous'Dr. Samantha Rodman, Founder of Author of How to Talk to Your Kids After Your Divorce?'A terrific (and funny) primer on how to have a happy marriage.'?Stacey Fuller, Marriage Therapist'The author of this book, who is also a marriage therapist,uses humor to describe several ways to ruin a relationship in the first half ofthis book. Then in the second half, she gets down to business with ways tocreate a long lasting and happy marriage. If couples were to follow the advice in this book, the author would need to find a new career.'PJ LaRue,?Author of After 'I Do!' A Marriage Map? 'The tone was light and humorous (laugh-out-loud funny attimes) and the author's voice is engaging and wise. I specifically loved how practical the advice in this book is and it really gets you thinking about someof the ways men and women look at relationships.'Monica LaSarre, Author of Jasper Penzey: International Boy Detective?'If you need to get things 'cooking' in your love life, on all levels, this is an eBook you might want to check out. Recommended!'Geraldine Helen Hartman, Author of Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well Read more From the Author I specialize in treating couples who have been together for years and have hit a rough patch...or worse--someone has gone outside the relationship. ?One day, a couple showed up for premarital counseling. ?I almost forgot what to do with a happy positive couple who remembered that they were soul mates! ?I thought to myself, 'How can help prevent couples from losing that spark and that connection?'That's why I wrote this book. ?I want YOU to know how couples go from Soul Mates to Roommates so it doesn't happen to you! Read more See all Editorial Reviews