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From the Inside Flap From Colin Cowie, celebrity stylemaker and wedding guru, comes the ultimate style guide for the modern groom. Like its companion volume, For the Bride, For the Groom offers expert guidance for husbands-to-be on how to participate in creating an unforgettable wedding and making a graceful transition to life as a newlywed.Here is everything the bride wishes her groom-to-be already knew, from how to propose to how to win over her parents to what to buy for her first anniversary.Colin goes on to demonstrate how to let the momentum of your wonderful wedding celebration set the tone for your upcoming life together. Your wedding can and should be a springboard for a lifetime of welcoming family into your home and entertaining friends with charm and verve.Of course, marriage is more than just a succession of parties, and For the Groom is more than just a book of wedding etiquette. It is a blueprint for being a gentleman in the truest sense of the word, from the art of being a host to the myriad ways you can keep romance and passion alive in your married life.With its gorgeous black and white photos, timeless advice, and elegance of tone, Colin Cowie's For the Groom is as indispensable as it is beautiful, and a natural engagement gift for any man.In FOR THE BRIDE, Colin walks future brides through the planning, ordering, and arranging necessary for a memorable wedding that everyone will enjoy, covering all the details from engagement to reception. From flowers to dresses, from selecting items for the bridal registry to negotiating the guest list and seating chart, Colin's got it covered.FOR THE GROOM, written with Colin's trademark charm and practicality, guides husbands-to-be through it all, from how to propose to what to buy for the first anniversary gift. With all the answers the bride wishes the groom already knew: how to assess the quality of a diamond, how to host a rehearsal dinner, how to win over her parents, and much more, FOR THE GROOM is a natural engagement gift for any and every guy soon to be married. Illustrated with photographs from weddings Colin has planned and written with a warm, engaging tone, FOR THE BRIDE and FOR THE GROOM offer practical advice and romantic, inspired suggestions to create both a memorable wedding day and a graceful, stylish start to married life. --> Read more About the Author Colin Cowie is the owner of Colin Cowie Lifestyle, a design, event planning, and lifestyle company with offices in Los Angeles and New York. He is a contributing editor to InStyle magazine and the host of the television show Everyday Elegance with Colin Cowie on Romance Classics. He lives in New York City and Los Angeles. For more information, visit his website: Read more