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Review 'As a dog owner, I could say that this book is really helpful in terms of being able to train my dog and at the same time, having the bond we should have. I could say that Carrie has written this book wonderfully and yet easy to understand. Brain Games For Dogs is very helpful! My dog Skittles at a very young age knows how to sit and go to his place whenever necessary things need to take place. I would really love to give this one a kudos!'?By Danielle on September 20, 2016'I have long been wondering how there are smart dogs and there are lazy dogs. My dog Mc Steamy falls for the latter category. Knowing that dogs need brain stimulation just as humans do, that's when this book comes in!There's several good ideas for games that I can apply to my lovely lazy cutie dog. The part where it made me like the book is the notion that applies to all kinds of dogs. As the book points out, 'No dog is left behind.'While, the author guarantees that these tips and tricks make dogs smarter, I have doubts with my Mc Steamy's capabilities. LOLI realized that these games are effective in enhancing brain function of dogs. They are also rewarding for both your dog and the owner. It is full of fun. I am taking them down now. I will surely apply them as soon as I have the play time with my Mc Steamy again.'?By KCreader on September 17, 2016'Most of all, these mind games are designed to be fun, fast and effective for all dogs to enjoy. Short book but great for teaching tricks and playing games for dogs. '?By Apple G.on September 22, 2016'This book brought up an idea which I have never heard of before, brain training for dogs. I know that brain training and brain games are useful ways to become sharper and smarter but I never thought that the same tips could be adapted for my dog! This book has probably 30 different games you can play with your dogs which will make them understand that they are loved and challenge their mental faculties to make sure that they stay sharp as they age. Good book, highly recommended'By Maxon June 9, 2015 Read more