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Review Impeccable credentials seem to be in rare supply today. When they are truly found, however, it restores one's faith. So, it is with Joan Bailey, author of a new book that's a real gem for hunting dog owners, entitled How to Have the Best Trained Gun Dog. Here is a very fine, invaluable step-by-step manual, which, if faithfully followed to the letter, should guide any bird hunter to the promised land: ownership of a gun dog that performs as a really well trained field dog should, obediently and with confidence and success. The new book is a logically natural segue from the author's earlier tome: How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves. It provides straight forward explanations and extremely helpful illustrations leading to the principal goals of a good serviceable hunting dog, one that brings home the bacon every time. Every owner of a new gun dog pup would do well to combine both manuals to start that pup along the right road into the field. Naturally, though, the new book alone can shape an adult pointing, flushing or fetch breed to best trained status within several months. John Falk is a well known author of many books and articles on gun dogs. --Dogs4ever, December 2008., --Dogs4ever, December 2008Many of you are already familiar with the writing of Joan Bailey through her first book, How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves...that book focused on what the owner of a...hunting dog can do in the first year of the dog's life to lay the foundation for training and performance. This second book picks up from there with more specific training strategies that Joan describes'...easy for me to use and are successful in producing a fully trained gun dog...a dog that I can control in any hunting situation as well as in any day-to-day family life.' Topics covered in the book include basic obedience, force retrieve training, the drop (also called down; or halt), retrieving in field and water, retrieving from a drag track, steadiness to wing and shot, and steady at the blingd..this book is very well organized. Each topic is broken down into logical steps, and guidance is given for progressing through these steps. A good number of photographs clarify positioning, etc., and there are suggestions for solving common problems...The detail in this book makes it an excellent choice for a new trainer, but there is a lot there for more experienced trainers, too. the emphasis on obedience and control is congruent with many of the articles and columns you have recently read in the Drahthaar News. Joan Bailey's book takes training that one step further to ensure that your hunting companion is reliable when it really counts.' --Sandy Hodson, Jan-Feb 2009 Drahthaar NewsWhenever people ask for my favorite book on dog training, I have long recommended titles by trhe Late Richard Wolters...Now I sugest Bailey's new book, which explains simple-yet-effective methods that are natural and do not require electonic aids. The author, who lives in Oregon, has established a reputation as a great contributor to what is now a plethora of books and information about the best ways to train dogs. Larry Mueller, hunting dog editor for 'Outdoor Life' magazine, calls her 'One of America's great dog people,' an accolade I believe comes not just from Bailey's knowledge but from her ability to communicate simply and clearly. She does this not only with words but with helpful black-and-white photos. Owners of flushing pointing and retrieving breeds will learn plenty from this slim no-nonsense guide.' --Tom Huggler, Michigan-Out-of Doors, December 2008 and Pointing Dog Journal, Jan and Feb, 2009 Read more About the Author Bailey spent most of her life hunting upland birds and waterfowl. She was a field judge with NAVHDA, WPGCA, and the KDK for over 25 years. She was editor of The Gun Dog Supreme for 26 years and received 13 awards from the Dog Writers Association of America. Bailey's earlier book, How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves, gained national and international attention from outdoor writers Larry Mueller, ;Outdoor Life, Bill Tarrant, Field & Stream, Bill McClure, American Hunter, John McGonigle, Gun Dog and is now in its 4th revised edition. Read more