Book Description Review Richardson creates an unusual approach to gardening, a guide to including children of all ages in the garden. Divided into two main sections, 'Including Children in the Gardening Activity' and 'Making Gardening Fun for Children,' the author provides all the basics of gardening--planning, planting, composting, soil preparation--but shows how to include children in the process, how to interpret and teach, and how to engage them fully and joyfully in the entire process from planting to gathering flowers and eating the vegetables they have helped to grow. Some of the activities outlined are creating a 'pizza garden,' building a heritage garden, making a scarecrow, carving personalized pumpkins, and saving seeds. To bring the pleasures and delights and knowledge of the garden and gardening to children will give them an experience that will last a lifetime. --Mark A. Hetts Read more From Booklist Richardson's aim is to get children interested in gardening, and she explains how to include them in daily gardening activities, from planning to planting and tending. She begins with a chapter on what is best to plant in the various hardiness zones and follows with instructions on laying out a garden, designing and building a raised-bed garden, preparing soil organically, and planting and tending a garden. She discusses theme gardens that children will enjoy: pizza, pasta, snack, heritage, pet, and fall holiday gardens, among others. A final chapter on garden-related projects includes making a scarecrow, a pressed-flower card, garlic braids, a cornhusk doll, and an apple wreath. There are 130 photographs and many helpful black-and-white illustrations. George Cohen Read more See all Editorial Reviews