Book Description Review Verrier's earlier book, Rosa Rugosa, convinced many gardeners to abandon their hybrid tea roses for the older roses. Her newest book, Rosa Gallica may do the same thing for another type of rose. Promising silken petals in 'crimson, purple, mauve, magenta, and intense pink with a few magnificent pale pinks among the ranks,' Verrier says that Rosa gallica and their offspring offer tolerence to shade, delicious fragrances, elegant flowers, and leaves that go all the way down to the bottom of the plant. Verrier details the history of the rose and provides a catalog of descriptions and photographs that begins with Abailard and ends with Zoe. Read more From Booklist Celebrated rosarian Verrier previously wrote a definitive book on the rugosa roses. Although the so-called old roses bloom only once a year--unlike continuously blooming modern hybrid teas--more gardeners than ever are seeking advice on planting, cultivating, and propagating the rugosas and other old-fashioned types. In her latest book, Verrier turns her attention toward the species Rosa gallica, with its mysterious origins, romantic mythology, and French pedigree. She supplies an extensive list of these exquisitely fragrant, hardy, generally pest-and disease-free roses for home gardens, including hybrids and cultivars of numerous gallicas. Also provided is a numbered key to nurseries where the roses may be ordered. Alice Joyce Read more See all Editorial Reviews