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Review 'If I need to plant a large section of groundcover among Japanese maples and I want something more interesting than the old standbys, I can pick up Perennial Ground Covers, by David MacKenzie, page through excellent pictures, and find a plant that I had forgotten or never thought would work.' ?Donna Williamson, HortResources newsletter, January 2004 Read more Book Description Ground covers take on new meaning in this enlightening book designed to make gardeners' work easier. Hostas, stonecrops, smaller rhododendrons, prayer plants, pyracanthas, box huckleberry, hellebores, daylilies, grasses, alpine willows, and unsupported climbing vines are just some of MacKenzie's imaginative suggestions. Even Gunnera manicata, a 6-foot-tall, 8-foot-wide plant, is suggested for some situations! Read more See all Editorial Reviews