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Review 'A book that leaves current lavender literature trailing in its wake . . . A veritable feast for lavender lovers.' -- Simon Charlesworth, Gardens Illustrated'Instructions for the gardener and detailed information for the professional grower on the care and propagation of lavender. ' -- Book News , June 13, 2000'This detailed celebration of lavender is aided by beautiful photography.' -- The American Herb Association, 16:2 2000'With this book, you'll learn everything you need to know . . . An all-encompassing volume.' -- American Association of Botanical Gardens and ArboretaMcNaughton's [book] is by far the most substantial, with over 200 species and cultivars described in detail. -- Bookseller, February 18, 2000 Read more Book Description More than 200 lavender species & cultivars are described in detail, enabling gardeners to decipher the intricacies of lavender identification. Read more See all Editorial Reviews