Book Description

Every day, we are fortunate to witness God's wondrous creation... whether it's a bluebird singing in a tree on a warm summer day, a bouquet of fresh cut flowers standing tall in a vase, or newly picked green beans from a garden. In the fifth book in the Words To Live By series, Mary Engelbreit illustrates for us the beauty of the world that we live in - the world that gardeners embrace with such enthusiasm - with her charming, detailed artwork and heartwarming verse. Flowers, gardens - the simplicity of nature itself - provides for us a sense of peace, security, and beauty,, and even strengthens our belief in God when we take a moment to stop and appreciate our incredible world. The miraculous sight of a red rose blooming, or tiny seeds developing into a garden full of vegetables - even a bird hatching from a tiny egg - keeps us forever in a state of wonder and amazement. Gardeners have a special way of keeping everything around us so lovely with their tender care, patience, and everlasting hard work. Throughout the pages of this keepsake book, they'll appreciate and value these inspirational words from well-known poets, artists, and writers. This book, full of Mary Engelbreit's cheery and colorful artwork, makes the perfect gift for enthusiastic gardeners or for those of us who simply enjoy the wonderment of the outdoors.