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Review Tilov, Dinko & Boris Tilov. Sculpting Mythical Creatures Out of Polymer Clay. Quarry: Quayside. 2009. c.136p. illus. bibliog. ISBN 978-1-59253-514-9. pap. $22.99. CRAFTSThe Tilov brothers provide detailed photo instructions for assembling cleverly imaginative, miniature, puppetlike gnomes, unicorns, and fairies. Styles are similar to contemporary fantasy book illustrations and cartoons. Some projects require armatures; otherwise, most are suitable for beginners. -- Library Journal, June 2009 Read more About the Author Dinko Tilov has been creating amazing 3-5 inch figurines using polymer clay and mixed media ever since he was a child. He has done commissioned work for private collections and his unique characters have been featured on polymer clay websites, in newsletters, galleries, and on a calendar. He has lived in studied in Bulgaria (where he is from), France and the United States, where he is currently in his senior year of college. Much of his prolific work can be viewed at his web-site: http://www.dinkos.comBoris Tilov has been working with polymer clay since his early teenage years. He has lived and studied in his native Bulgaria and the United States. Read more