Book Description

About the Author Boyce Lundstrom, author and glass craftsman has written five books on glass, three of which are still in publication. His book 'Kiln Firing Glass, Glass Fusing Book One' is referred to by most fusers as the 'bible' for fusing process and has been a top-selling book for over 30 years. Boyce started Bullseye Glass Company in 1974. He sold that company to his partner in 1985, and then created a glass school called Camp Colton, outside of Portland, Oregon. His highest priority has been to create sustainable products using recycled glass, which led to the founding of Oceanside Glasstile Company in Carlsbad, California in 1992. After successfully establishing the largest production of mosaic and field tile made from recycled glass in the United States, Boyce moved on to create further lines of glass tile and other glass products made of recycled glass for Crossville Tile in Tennessee. Boyce continues to invent and create new glass processes, which are being presented, in his new series of books. Read more