Book Description

Featuring 350 color photographs with the loving face of each doll clearly visible to aid in the identification process. This book is a treasure trove filled with detailed photo captions that identify the maker. The author has used research methods to correct many so-called names to the authentic original name. Each doll is credited to the decade in which it was primarily produced. Male china dolls, all-china dolls and reproduction china dolls are described in chapters that are separate from the ten decades of china doll production. Included are individual dolls from the following German porcelain factories that produced china shoulder head dolls and half-dolls: Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, A.W. Fr. Kister, C.F. Kling & Co., Conta & Boehme, Dressel & Kister, F. & W. Goebel, Hertwig & Co., Kloster Veilsdorf, KPM Berlin, Limbach, Carl Schneider's Erben and Weiss, Kühnert & Co.