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Review I have had the pleasure of knowing Jenny Grothe for the last three years. I have known Jenny in a variety of capacities such as a competitor and friend. I can tell you, without hesitation, she is one of the sweetest, honest and creative people I have ever met. I am delighted that she has written this cookbook since oatmeal plays a huge part in my everyday nutrition. I look forward to my morning oatmeal everyday and can't wait to try some new recipes to spice it up! Thanks Jenny! --Michelle Battista, IFBB Figure ProDuring competition season, oatmeal was my sanity! It was the only thing I refused to give up. I can eat oatmeal every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it! --Michelle Shepherd, WNBF Pro and 2007 WNBF World Championship Figure Tall, 2007 INBF World Championship Fit Body Short Read more About the Author Jenny's life changed in the fall of 2007. That's when she decided to drop 60 pounds, trade unhealthy habits for good ones , and start leading her life rather than letting her life lead her. It was at that time she learned about clean eating. Since then she has sought out and tried hundreds of recipes. Finding that most of her tried-and-true recipes of the past needed tweaking in order to be healthy, she discovered a new passion: experimenting. She is now the author and administrator of the popular Facebook Fan Page, 'Recipes for Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding,' which boasts more than 17,000 fans and grows by an average of 500 each week. It was through the countless suggestions from her fans, who loved her daily recipes, that she finally decided to create a cookbook. When she's not trying a new recipe or creating her own, you can find Jenny either at the gym or laying down miles on the road. As an amateur figure competitor, Jenny loves the hard work, determination, and dedication it takes to compete on stage. In the three short years she's been competing, she's brought home 5 trophies. Her new favorite quote is 'My body is my trophy. My placing does not define me.' Jenny is thankful for the journey she's been on and looks forward to what the future holds, believing that all things are possible. May the oatmeal inspiration never cease to end. Read more