Book Description

Clean Eating: Weight Loss Box Set (3 in 1) Book 1: Clean Eating: Mindful Eating: Easy and Delicious Clean Eating Recipes to Lose Weight and Keep Your Body Healthy If you're ready to drop pounds and want to create a body that is both healthy and strong, Clean Eating is the best book for you. Eating clean is fast becoming popular given that more consumers are paying careful attention to the foods they eat and the methods that are being used to prepare these foods. There is a wealth of information that you can find in this book about being more mindful of your diet and adopting clean eating habits. By listening to this book you'll learn: How to choose the best fresh, seasonal, and local whole foods Which foods to eat and which foods to avoid for clean eating How to shop for clean foods and how to create cleaner versions of your favorite dishes This book will also give you: Clean eating recipes for breakfast Clean eating lunch recipes Clean eating snack recipes Clean eating dinner recipes The best foods for your body are foods that have never been processed or refined. Eating clean is more than just a trend or a fad diet. Clean eating is a lifestyle that will boost your life quality and provide impressive results in almost no time at all. Book 2: Tea Cleanse: Detox, Lose Weight and Improve Your Health The human body is built to adapt to different environments and influences, but with the increase of toxins occurring in our food, air, and everyday products, it's becoming harder and harder to have a clean and healthy lifestyle. Tea cleanse can help you push the toxins and unhealthy debris out of your system, giving you the chance to hit the physical and mental reset button. A tea cleanse can help you achieve: Better immunity Weight loss Better skin thanks to extra hydration An extra tool