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Free bonus inside, right after the conclusion! Just released fourth edition! You're about to discover how virgin coconut oil benefits our bodies as well as the different means through which it can hasten our weight loss. It is quite unconventional, considering that oil typically equals fat when we think about it. However, this is certainly not the case with coconut oil, for it contains many beneficial nutrients that are good for our bodies inside and out. Here, you'll be provided with more than just simple facts. You'll also be given lots of recipes that you can enjoy during your diet, without having to worry that you'll end up ruining your routine. In fact, by eating these, you'll lose weight more efficiently. So do not procrastinate, find out the secrets and miracles behind coconut oil, which so many have no idea about! You will not be disappointed, guaranteed! These are the topics we will cover: What virgin coconut oil is How virgin coconut oil works for weight loss Starting your VCO weight loss regimen Your daily dose of VCO Precautions with VCO use Other known health benefits Virgin coconut oil diet recipes Complement your virgin coconut oil regimen Much, much more!