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Review Beginners and experienced freezer cooks alike love this book! --Family Fun MagazineThe 30 Day Gourmet system gets a meal factory going in the kitchen! A great idea whose time has come. --Amarillo Daily NewsYou wouldn't be tempted to order takeout if there were a hearty chicken stew or lasagna in your freezer, ready for the microwave. So set aside one Sunday per month for a marathon cooking session with a friend. Split the cost of the groceries and crank out 14 freezer meals for your families. Check out 30 Day Gourmet! --Good Housekeeping Magazine Read more About the Author 30 Day Gourmet, Inc. is the leader in all things freezer cooking and has been featured on national television and in numerous newspapers and magazines. Their Freezer Cooking Manual sold over 100,000 copies and their website is filled with recipes, author support, freezer cook forums and free e-newsletters. 30 Day Gourmet s Facebook and Yahoo Groups help cooks stay motivated and informed. Read more