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From the Back Cover Nothing is quite what you expect in the quirky world of Ken Hoffman. He's a nationally syndicated restaurant critic -- but his specialty is drive-through burgers and fries. When he makes a grand tour of Europe, he does ten cities in ten days, no hotels. Instead, he sleeps on overnight trains and tosses his socks and underwear in the trash. And the sights he chooses to see? A memorable assortment of the bizarre, the outlandish, and the fattening.In his popular Houston Chronicle column, Hoffman takes on the oddities of our world with high spirits and a trenchant wit. His style is colloquial, coaxing humor out of surprising juxtapositions and references to icons of pop culture. Whether he's hitchhiking to a Rolling Stones concert or visiting the weirdest bar in Kenya, he remains clearly one of us -- with a skewed and highly entertaining view of American life at the turn of the millennium. And you can rely on his taste for cheeseburgers. Read more About the Author KEN HOFFMAN has written comedy segments for radio stations in New York City, San Diego, Philadelphia, and Boston. In addition to Drive-Thru Gourmet, which King Features circulates to twenty-eight papers nationally, he writes a thrice-weekly general interest column for the Houston Chronicle. Before he joined the Chronicle in 1995, his daily column appeared in the now defunct Houston Post for nine years. He was born in Elizabeth, N.J., and presently lives in Houston with his wife and infant son. Read more